june issue 2011

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We all know how important exercise is to weight loss, feeling healthy and reducing the effects of aging. As more of us make regular exercise a core part of our lives, there are some basic tips to help boost the results we see from our workouts. One of those tricks is a good warm-up routine.

The following routine is utilised by all beginner-level students of BodyBeat’s Fat Torching PlanTM as a warm-up for the main workout. It is prescribed to men and women between the ages 18-50 as a daily standard warm-up before any form of exercise. Aim for 10 repetitions per exercise for beginners, 20 for those at an intermediate level and 30 for experts. For the push-up, squats and two lunges, aim to spend no more than one minute on the beginner repetitions, two minutes on the intermediate routine and three minutes on the advanced regimen.




The push-up is a very powerful exercise that really draws in the entire pillar, from the shoulders to the torso right into the hips. Maintain the form as shown in the image, making sure the body is in a straight line and avoiding sagging or elevation of the hips. Drop down slowly and come back up as quickly as you can.



The lunge is a critical lower-body exercise that targets the glutes, hamstrings and quads of your front leg and stretches the hip flexor of your back leg. Maintain the form shown in the image with one leg in front of the other. Lower yourself till your front thigh is parallel to the floor then get back up as quickly as you can. Complete the advised number of repetitions and switch sides.



The most common core-carving workout used in judo and swimming, the bridge challenges the stabilisers in the core, hips, toes, shoulders and chest. Variations include lifting of either limb or opposites, such as left leg and right arm. For now, follow the position demonstrated in the image and maintain a straight line with your body. Hold for 15 seconds at first. As you progress, increase your hold time by 15-second units until one full minute with perfect form is achievable. Take the workout to the next level by removing any limb off the mat.

Side Bridge


This exercise challenges single arm and leg stability, pillar strength and, most importantly, the love handles. Maintain the form shown in the image for 15 seconds, making sure your body is in a straight line with no bending or sagging at the hips and feet stacked as shown. Switch sides when the prescribed time concludes. As you progress, increase the time for which you hold the position, up to one minute.




The king of lower-body exercises hits the core, glutes and quads, with variations targeting the lower back and shoulders as well. Simply stand as shown and drop as low as you can, followed by a speedy stand.


Text: Babar Khan Javed
Fitness Model: Neil Uchong
Photographer: Vernin Uchong