November 2018

Justice on Trial

As the extremists took charge, and the country quaked in fear of rampaging mobs, the government and the army in tandem with it, confined themselves to their quarters, and when visible, seemed to be furiously backpedalling on their head of state’s avowed oaths made just days earlier.

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Footing the Bill

As PM Imran Khan’s attendance at the much-boycotted FII confere...

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Polls in the Times Violence

Still suffering from unbridled violence, war-ravaged Afghanistan ...

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No Place to Call Home

Following the government backtrack on the vandalism and violence ...

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Dial ‘MBS’ for Murder

As the investigation picks up the pieces of Jamal Khashoggi’s m...

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Movie review: Donkey King

For a movie claiming to be apolitical, The Donkey King draws most...

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The Pirs of Ranipur

On the basis of their spiritual following, the Dastageers wield g...

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