April issue 2011

By | Society | Published 13 years ago

01Newsliners04-11On March 25, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) held its ‘First Consultative Session for Women on Gender Sensitisation in the Field of Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)’ at the Avari Towers. The specific aims of the consultative session were to share lessons and benefits of alternate dispute resolution, such as mediation and negotiation. Gender specialists from New World Concepts highlighted problems faced by women entrepreneurs and women litigants in resolving disputes in courts and detailed how mediation can provide a much better option to women in the settlement of disputes.

As stated by Navin Merchant, IFC Pakistan ADR Programme Manager, the main objective of the ADR Programme is to institutionalise court-referred/court-annexed mediation and other alternate methods for more speedy and cost-effective commercial dispute resolution, offering greater access to justice for entrepreneurs. Dr Zafar Ahmad Khan Sherwani, director of the Karachi Centre for Dispute Resolution (KCDR) also spoke about the successful setting up of KCDR in 2007, and the many cases that have benefitted from this service.

The intimate seminar offered plenty of room for dialogue and discussion and was well attended by prominent women entrepreneurs and media personalities and the seminar provided much food for thought. The real stuff, meanwhile, was served at the delicious lunch which followed.