july issue 2011

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Not enough flavoured tea options available in Pakistan? Lipton has taken care of that by launching six new flavours, namely Camomile, Rosehip Peach, Forest Fruits, Lemon Tea, English Breakfast and Russian Earl Grey. Hosted at Café Flo in Karachi on June 21, the launch event featured models, who stood in attendance at the entrance, wearing custom-made dresses and headgears representative of each flavour.

Ayesha Omar, who was hosting the event, called the models into the café, one by one, and formally introduced each flavour by reading from the booklet each model held that described their flavour of tea. Ayesha Altaf, the senior brand manager for Lipton, speaking to Newsline, shared the idea behind the concept of the launch: “Tea is generally considered a commodity, bound by tradition, a boring, old beverage. We wanted to break that perception, that’s why we introduced flavoured tea. This is for all those consumers who are willing to embrace change. We wanted to glamourise tea, which is why we decided to depict these flavours through glamorous outfits and headgears.”

The flavours were served either as iced tea or regular tea with a light meal comprising scones, baby prawns, cucumber sandwiches and other delicacies. Event manager Frieha Altaf certainly pulled off a classy event, attended by the crème de la crème of Karachi. Among them were model Tooba Siddiqui, singer Ali Zafar and designers Deepak Perwani and Feeha Jamshed.