july issue 2011

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04Newsliners07-11Faraari Camp

People of all age groups descended on T2F’s Faraar Gallery for the latest edition of ‘Art Lootmaar‘, an engaging yet informal platform for art lovers to make a quick buy while artists, both new and renowned, are able to showcase their work.

Thirteen artists displayed their work in various media but the centre of attention was Haider Ali’s truck art exhibit that featured planes, trucks, wheelbarrows and watering cans, all done in contemporary truck art — bright, vivid and rich in colours. Haider’s work is known the world over and his live demonstration of truck art painting was highly appreciated by all visitors. Among other known artists was Samina Raza with a series in mixed media. With beautiful overtures of flowers in orange hues and Chinese inscriptions, her theme exuded energy and vitality.

Horses so lifelike, you could touch them, in oil on canvas, and the gaping skyline of a city in thick strokes of red, black and white brought Mohammad Zohaib Siddiqui’s work much attention as did Wajiha Tariq’s handcrafted cards, book covers, folders and bookmarks, which were pleasing to the eye and pretty handy too. The label she uses is Kaghaz Ke Karnamay, or KKK as it is more affectionately known. Ayesha Khalid’s clay sculptures in dynamic colours would suit any coffee table or workspace and bring an air of positivity to the room.

Water colour paintings and drawings in pen and ink spanned Babar Moghul’s wall space with radiating tones of light and colour. Mahin Hassan’s body of work was inspired by her thesis on faces, a distinct presentation from the rest with larger pieces in charcoal and smaller ones in pen and ink. Fiza Khatri’s pieces were almost miniature-like in style, with detailing so fine visitors were truly drawn to her wondrous work.

This edition of ‘Art Lootmaar‘ was an overall success with upbeat reviews from the crowd and art patrons alike, plus impressive sales figures. However, it ended on an unfortunate note with an actual lootmaar on the closing night: armed robbers looted the visitors, making off with their cash, phones, gadgets and 70 grand collected by T2F.