December Issue 2016

By | Newsliners | Published 8 years ago

Hasan Shehryar Yasin’s latest project — the HSY Mansion — is sure to wow his clientele. As it did me. A personalised one-on-one tour of the place bowled me over completely.

The HSY Mansion, which functions as HSY’s abode as well as his outlet, houses both his men and women’s line. Located next to the Mohatta Palace, the mansion is a testament to HSY’s aesthetics in fashion and interiors. The designer shares that like Coco Chanel, Armani and Ralph Lauren, he too wanted his clients to experience the brand called HSY.

Given his 24-year experience with Pakistani weddings and parties, celebs and socialities, each rack was armed to the teeth with exquisitely beautiful pieces that you felt were designed just for you. There were no price tags on the items. Well, if you have to ask…you can’t afford it. Or can you? I was actually nervous to touch them… but I couldn’t resist. The fabrics ranged from fairy-wing light to knight-armour heavy, and every piece was divine. Full disclosure though — this is one house that will certainly make you feel like a pauper. Each room makes its own distinct style statement and yet stands in perfect solidarity with every other room’s interior.

There is a lot of glass to let in the sun, which lights up the entrance so you are in the spotlight as you step in. One of the rooms is reminiscent of Ottoman regalia, while another is a fusion of old-Italian-countryside and steampunk fixtures.

HSY used the launch to make a special announcement about starting a fully-funded mentorship programme that will take on board four individuals as his apprentices and completely sponsor and supervise their growth as designers. Most importantly, this grant will not simply instil the skills they would need in a cut-throat industry like fashion, but ensure that they are absorbed by the industry. The reason for this is to nourish the Pakistani fashion industry and help it grow into a global participant in the multi-trillion dollar narrative.

HSY is passionate about his brand and his work and, hopefully, this philanthropic endeavour will take off in a big way — just like all his other projects over the past 24 years.