October issue 2010

By | News & Politics | Published 14 years ago

For nearly three months now, citizens and pundits have been talking about revolution in Pakistan. From his pulpit in London, MQM Chief Altaf Hussain has been screaming about it, and he has been louder than most. But the cries and warnings have been coming from outside observers as well. In the early weeks of the floods in August 2010, foreign journalists, observing firsthand the devastation and lack of positive government action, were often heard prophesying that the poor masses were angry and ready to rise up.

Are all these voices right?

Is revolution plausible? Is there a leader to unite the people? Has the situation in the country deteriorated to such a point that the middle and lower classes are ready to overthrow the government? Have different crises collided to create a perfect storm against the status quo?

In this special report, Newsline examines the likelihood of revolution through a short series of articles and opinions by different writers.

Links to the stories are below:

A Revolution in Waiting by Sairah Irshad Khan

Revolutionary Road by Mahir Ali

Waiting for Ayatollah Godot by Abbas Zaidi

Till Debt Do Us Part by Saad Hasan