October issue 2010

By | Arts & Culture | People | Published 14 years ago

While the Cheapmunks are red hot in Pakistan, they won’t be doing a nationwide tour anytime soon. Both Mehak Taherani and Suhana Baloch are still studying and make it clear that finishing their education is their top priority. “I would love to continue doing music because it’s something that I really enjoy. But I will definitely finish my degree,” said Mehak in an interview with Newsline. And even though they are getting attention from record producers, they have told those in the industry to “wait another two years,” since education comes first.

So does that mean that their music careers are paused when they go back to university?

“We plan to keep our fan page alive by posting new videos every now and then,” says Suhana. “Mehak will be back in December, hopefully, so we’re planning another gig at that time at a slightly bigger venue.”

Until then, you can keep watching their videos on Facebook  and YouTube. There’s one embedded below. Also, read the Cheapmunks interview with Newsline here.

Watch the Cheapmunks perform in the studio at CityFM 89: