November Issue 2009

By | Fashion | Life Style | Society | Published 14 years ago

A jewellery fashion show that was certainly a scene stealer, Shafaq Habib’s launch at the Boulevard at Park Towers on October 20, set itself apart from regular fashion shows. Choreographer Freiha Altaf set the scene of the glittering night, by presenting a cat-burglar theme show — an unconventional concept befitting the special occasion of Shafaq’s first-ever exhibition in 28 years of her jewellery designing.

Donning slick black cat costumes, fashioned by Zaheer Abbas, and bedecked in Shafaq’s exquisite designs, six models paraded a hip new catwalk, prowling and pouncing the ramp, instead of strutting their usual walk. But the theme was perhaps, where the innovation ended, as the overall get-up for the models took away from the sparkle of the jewels. The ornaments were lost among the antics of the seductive cat burglars. Shafaq’s jewels were a fusion of the traditional Moghul regality with a trace of ancient Greek styles set in gold, with some designs complemented by pearls.