November Issue 2009

By | Food | Life Style | Published 15 years ago

What drew my friends and I to Avari Towers’ Cinnamon Lounge was the no-smoking zone and the 25% discount it offered to female customers on Mondays — because that is Lady Avari Day.

Located in the main lobby, the lounge is a walk-in space. The tables are placed at a comfortable distance from each other, unlike other coffee houses where you either unwittingly catch your neighbours’ conversations or have them eavesdrop on yours.

A range of desserts, savouries and beverages as well as sandwiches and wraps are offered — and, surprisingly, the prices are very similar to other upmarket cafes, give and take a little extra from item to item. Wi-fi and cordial service, in addition to a noise- and smoke-free environment, is what Cinnamon Lounge at the Avari in Karachi has to offer.

Farieha Aziz is a Karachi-based journalist and teacher. She joined Newsline in 2007, rising to assistant editor. Farieha was awarded the APNS award for Best Investigative Report (Business/Economic) for the year 2007-2008. She is a co-founder and Director at Bolo Bhi, an advocacy forum of Digital Rights.