April Issue 2009

By | Fashion | Life Style | Published 12 years ago

Pakistani fashion has come of age with the innovative trend of fusion of eastern and western styles of sartorial creativity. The enthusiastic and dynamic Sanya Muneer constantly experiments to achieve a synthesis embodying urbane sophistication and symmetry in design.

This shoot highlights some of the new concepts Sanya is exploring: draping, flowing fabrics to elongate the silhouette in elegance. While the hemlines are all worn long, the cuts vary — from the tailcoat to the multi-kali kurta. The flared pajama complements the silhouette.

The fabrics are used to bring in balance. For instance, a flowy sheer fabric is offset by a chemise, which gives the outfit a subtle and glamorous lift. The colours are very vibrant and a variety of embellishments combine the old patterns with the new — a running theme of Sanya’s work. Revel in the opulence of coral in summer days and luxuriate in velvet cobalt and indigo in the balmy evenings.