March issue 2009

By | Society | Published 15 years ago

Shanaakht Festival is based around the theme of what it means to be a Pakistani and, understanding culture and history through the eyes of people who’ve lived through Partition.

Slated to be held from April 8-12 at the Arts Council, Karachi, this is the only free festival in the city that is targeted towards the masses. Themed “Satrah crore dillon ki eik shanaakht!” the event includes audio/video installations, a photography exhibit, street theatre, children’s plays, murals depicting the unique heritage of each one of the provinces, documentaries, a play by NAPA, a concert featuring Overload, the Kolachi Quartet, and much more.

The brainchild behind the event is The Citizens Archive of Pakistan (CAP), which was established to preserve the culture and heritage that is unique to Pakistan as well as to create a digital archive that will eventually be part of the Living History Museum of Pakistan (currently in the works).

“This is a platform for people from all sections of society so that everyone can understand the roots of their identity,” says Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, president of CAP.