March issue 2009

By | Society | Published 15 years ago

On February 18, Brigadier Anwar Khan, regional manager of TCF Schools (South) inaugurated the fourth poster painting competition on “A Child’s View of Corruption” at the Arts Council, Karachi, organised by Transparency International Pakistan.

The aim of the competition was to make the children — from grades seven through nine — think about the far-reaching effects of corruption and, hopefully, refrain from it themselves. It was also meant to raise awareness among the public. Over 950 students from about 40 schools participated and were each given three hours to paint their portrayal of corruption in Pakistan. Some depicted corruption as a monster ready to gobble up our nation, some as a dragon leading the nation to hell, while others saw it as a dead-end in the path to progress. In their posters, the children proved that they are well aware of the unfortunate situation in our country, leaving the judges quite impressed.

All participants were given certificates and prizes were awarded to the best paintings, while three outstanding posters were chosen as top winners.