March issue 2009

By | Arts & Culture | People | Q & A | Published 15 years ago

The Pakistani music scene may be dominated by men, but women have not been locked out. The gradual growth in female singers — and the public’s thumping round of applause — proves there is ample room for women who often take centre stage.

Five artists, Natasha, Nida Arab, Aaishah Akram, Haniya Aslam and Rabi Pirzada share their experiences of breaking into the industry and their thoughts on their female contemporaries and artistic freedom. And while each has a different story to tell, they all believe in the same soundtrack for success: talent, positivity and support.

Read what these female artists have to say by clicking on one of the interview links below:

Aaishah Akram

Nida Arab


Rabi Pirzada

Haniya Aslam