June issue 2004

By | Food | Life Style | Published 20 years ago

Designer Arif Ashary has taken a cultural step forward in an attempt to focus international attention on the beauty and culture of the ancient Gandhara civlisation. In his latest venture, Ashary has designed a museum/restaurant in Moscow, dedicated entirely to the promotion of the Gandhara era with a view to present Pakistan as a culturally diverse and multi-faceted society.

The Gandhara restaurant is located in the heart of Moscow’s downtown, across from the World Trade Center. Set up in a Russian heritage building, the restaurant seats 100 customers, and offers primarily international food and local barbeque items, priced at a lavish $100-$150 per head. The restaurant entrance welcomes customers with large Gandhara-style replica sculptures, while the restaurant’s interior carries the theme further. Said Pakistan’s Ambassador, during the restaurant’s grand opening, “I am very excited and proud to see such a positive approach to Pakistan; this is definitely one of the best Pakistani restaurants in the world.”

Ashary’s restaurant has given dining out a new dimension: using it as a cultural showcase. Along with the dining experience, the restaurant also offers books and information about each sculpture.

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