June Issue 2012

By | Life Style | Published 12 years ago

If you haven’t seen designer Aiesha Varsey’s boutique in Clifton, Block 8, you are most certainly in for a treat. The boutique, which is divided into three separate sections, for formal evening wear, bridal joras and mehndi outfits, boasts Victorian-style furniture, a lush red carpet, a spiral staircase, ornate chandeliers and bell jars. The boutique also includes collector’s edition books and international editions of Vogue from India, China and Spain.

Aiesha’s latest addition to the boutique, Av Dé Salon, has that same grandiose feel to it. Next to the nail bar are floor to ceiling windows, with a breathtaking view of a private garden just outside that adds tranquility to the experience of pampering and preening oneself before the mirror.

The launch of the salon on May 18 drew celebs like Bushra Ansari and actress Sana, who had been specially styled for the event by the salon’s staff. The salon, which is now officially open, offers nail art services and bridal make-up from experienced stylists. However, the service is on the pricier side with a blow-dry costing Rs 1500 and threading Rs 550.

This article was originally published in the June issue of Newsline.