February issue 2010

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Earlier this month, the winners of the 18th APNS Journalist Awards were announced, and Newsline came away with four honours. The monthly newsmagazine won for Best Business/Economic Investigative Report (Ayesha Siddiqa), Best Scoop (Ghulam Hasnain), Best English Column (Mahir Ali), and Best English Feature (Ziad Zafar).

Newsline‘s four awards meant that it collected more top prizes than any other individual print publication; Daily Jangwon three awards. Over the years,Newsline has dedicated itself to providing independent and honest reporting and analysis, and that philosophy has helped it earn manynational and international accolades. The latest industry acknowledgments re-inforce the publication’s reputation for top-notch journalism.

The four awards come as Newsline celebrates its twentieth year publishing as an independent monthly magazine. In the present media environment, where print publications compete against not just each other but also television, radio and internet outlets, the recognition highlights the relevant, in-depth journalism that is still being done in the print media in Pakistan. Of course, putting out a magazine regularly for two decades is a collaborative effort. The management at Newsline makes a point to thank all the writers, editors, designers, business team members, readers and supporters that have contributed to its success over the years.

This round of the APNS awards were handed out for articles published during 2005-06. A large panel of judges consisting of academics, writers and broadcasting executives adjudicated the recognised awards competition. An awards ceremony will be held later in the year.

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