February issue 2010

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“To me iconic fashion is about something that has created a following”

– Sara Shahid


Sublime by Sara Shahid is one of the premier pret labels in the country. A graduate in fashion merchandising and design, Shahid’s designs are known for their minimalistic and clean silhouettes.

What niche are you catering to?

I am catering to the client that believes in spending on a quality garment with attention to detail.

What are your style preferences?

I love a minimalist, classic and elegant style.

What sets Sublime apart?

I think it is the cut, the classic elegance and the clean lines of my design.

Have you had formal training in fashion?

Yes, I have a degree in fashion design and merchandising from London.

Are you a shopaholic? If yes, what is the thing you shop for the most?

Yes, I love shopping and I believe in retail therapy. What I cannot resist are beautiful bags.

Favourite designers — local and international?

I have always loved Giorgio Armani for his elegant classic design and Elie Saab for his beautiful gowns!

Favourite fragrance?

For years it has been Stella McCartney and Issey Miyake.

Favourite city to shop in?

I can pretty much find something interesting anywhere and everywhere.

Favourite item in your wardrobe — accessory or clothing?

I have a few — it depends on the season. My classic black pants that always make me feel good, a white shirt that is another classic, my camel sweater and boots in the winter and my gold hoops that work with everything.

Have you shown internationally?

Yes, I have at a few different fundraisers.

Where do you see the Pakistani fashion industry in the next 10 years?

I feel that we have come a long way and in the next 10 years, I hope to see a more professional and organised industry with more international presence.

How tough is the competition within the industry?

It’s always healthy to have competition in any industry as it makes one strive for betterment. I feel if you have created a strong signature, you will always be able to withstand any competition.

What is iconic fashion?

To me iconic fashion is about something that has created a following; it will always be remembered in the history of fashion for having created ripples in the industry. A certain person is always associated with this style and personifies it, like Audrey Hepburn for example.

Do you think that designers in Pakistan try to achieve that kind of style in their creations?

I’m sure that all good designers would like to create that kind of style statement through their designs. Whether one has achieved it or not, is a true test of time.

Who has a great sense of style in Pakistan?

It is exciting to see that our younger generation is making a significant effort with their personal style and fashion, which is especially obvious when you look around at the younger lot at restaurants, malls and coffee shops.

Who are the names to watch out for in the upcoming lot of designers in Pakistan?

Pakistan has a diverse and exciting new generation in fashion and I feel it would be unfair to single out any one.

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