February issue 2010

By | Food | Life Style | Published 14 years ago

The Irish may not be as well known as the Swiss and Belgians for their chocolate, but if Butlers Cafe is any indication, this obscurity is unwarranted. A new café that opened up in Zamzama in December 2009, Butlers Cafe is an Irish franchise that is centred around chocolate.

Although a number of sweet and savoury dishes like salads, croissants and sandwiches are available, the focus is on the chocolate. Each drink comes with a piece of chocolate that is supposed to complement the taste of the beverage. In addition, Butlers sells chocolate both in pre-packaged boxes as well as fresh.

Apart from its chocolates, which are available in numerous varieties, the stand-out item on Butlers’ menu is the hot chocolate, which is sweet without being too saccharine. And while the food isn’t the main attraction, the croissants are better than those found elsewhere in the city.

Nadir Hassan is a Pakistan-based journalist and assistant editor at Newsline.