May Issue 2012

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Marking’s Publishing launched Emad S. Rahim’s narrative-style poems The Cave with a quiet event at the Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture on April 26. The Kuwait-based author told the audience that he had begun working on the book soon after graduating and what began as a short poem soon transformed into an extensive three-volume book. The poems chronicles a wealthy Istanbul merchant, Azle’ad’s encounters with various people that provide an escape for him from his troubles as well as an insight into his own personal demons and desires. The author explores themes such as faith, temptation, lust, love and retribution, throughout the book.

Seasoned thespians Rahat Kazmi, Amir Qureishi and Joshinder Chaggar performed a 30-minute theatrical rendition of a poem, which was directed by Saba Sayeed and narrated by Emad himself. While technical malfunctions distracted the audience intermittently, the play was nonetheless entertaining and Faraz Lodhi as a German traveller, Logallitz, gave an impressive performance that proved to be the show stealer.

The evening came to an end with Emad signing books and discussing the importance of encouraging the public’s interest in reading.

This article was originally published in the May issue under the headline “A Poetic Rendition.”

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