October Issue 2009

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“Silhouettes are my main strength” — Shahla Rahman

Shahla Rahman has created an impassable niche in the haute couture industry with her label Unbeatable. A hardworking perfectionist, Shahla immerses herself in every detail of designing and dress-making from start to finish. The outfits that are displayed at her stores across the country, provide proof of her meticulousness as they are the epitome of sartorial finesse. Her prêt line is unmatched as they boast her signature lines and cuts. Newsline speaks to Shahla about her passion for fashion.

Q: What drew you to the field of designing clothes?

A: I started designing around 23 years ago and at that time there was no formal education for fashion design in Pakistan. I started out only with my passion for good clothes. So I have not had any formal training but I’ve learnt by trial and error.

Q: What niche are you catering to with your label Unbeatable?

A: I try to cater to different classes and all age groups because my line includes everything from casual wear to formal wear and bridal. So, basically I’m catering to everyone. As far as bridal wear is concerned, we can always work around people’s budget. My prêt line is my main line and that is for all ages. I also cater to working women.

Q: What element of style do you concentrate on when designing?

A: Basically, I pay a lot of attention to the line and cut of my dresses because I think they are the most important and also to the finish. Embellishments in my prêt line are minimal and I like very sleek and clear lines for my dresses.

Q: What sets Unbeatable apart from others?

A: I think it’s my silhouettes. People usually come to me and tell me that they really like the cuts of the clothes they buy from me. I think that’s my major strength.

Q: Have you shown your collections internationally?

A: I have. I have done shows in India; I have taken part thrice in the Bride and Groom show that is held there. And besides that, I have done a number of my own shows in the US.

Q: What did you wear on Eid this time?

A: Usually, I don’t shop much for Eid. I just go last minute on Chand Raat and pick up whatever I can find from whatever is left in my own shop. This time it was a chiffon animal print kaftan — I love animal prints!

Q: Your favourite fragrance?

A: I love Kenzo Flower.

Q: The colour that you most like to work with?

A: I love black!

Q: Your favourite designers, local and foreign?

A: I like Armani a lot. And locally, I think they’re all doing a good job. I wouldn’t like to mention only one.

Q: Are you a shopaholic yourself?

A: I am, I am. I love to shop. Whenever I go to the US or Dubai or anywhere at all, I think all my time is spent in the malls.

Q: Does that help generate ideas for your work?

A: Definitely. You get inspiration from all the different things you see.

A Lasting Impression

Here is a sample of Shahla Rahman’s designs. Click on any picture to begin:

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