April issue 2004

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Founded by Yasmin Qureshi and Tyaba Habib, SAMA Editorial and Publishing Services spells hope for upcoming Pakistani writers. “We want to publish and promote local writers so that they have a platform. Regarding the genre, it depends on the market of course, as ultimately we need to sell our books,” says Habib.

SAMA’s first book is author Maniza Naqvi’s third book Stay With Me, which will be published by the end of March 2004.

Qureshi and Habib, who were formerly part of the Oxford University Press (OUP), started this project only recently. SEPS’s other services include translations into English and Urdu, along with editorial facilities, consisting of editing, proofreading, and index making etc. How are they different from the OUP? “They are a university press, we are not,” say the duo. Incidentally, “there is great scope in the market for people who want work published that is not necessarily academic.”

SEPS is currently in the process of developing a website, which will help potential writers get in touch with Habib or Qureshi.

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