May Issue 2010

By | Arts & Culture | Society | Published 10 years ago

After putting up a humorous show at LUMS University in Lahore, British-Pakistani comedian Shazia Mirza was invited to Karachi’s T2F on April 7 to tickle the wits of comedy-loving Karachiites.

One would normally expect a young crowd at such an event, but it was surprising to note that people from all age groups had turned up to watch this renowned comedian perform that evening. Her humour was hilarious to say the least, although some bits might have offended those who didn’t come with an open mind. Shazia poked fun at unassuming members of the audience, took several jabs at the state of her non-existent sex life, and even made fun of women in niqaab (even with one niqaab-wearing lady seated in the crowd). Although born and bred in Birmingham, Shazia showed astounding ability to relate to her Pakistani audience, and timed her jokes well to stir up hearty laughter from the crowd. Much of her comedy was based on her experience of growing up with conservative parents, and what it meant to be an unmarried Asian woman in her 30s — that too, with a job description that read comedian (which was always referred to as the “c” word at her dinner table conversations).

Her performance was well received and a short, nonetheless humorous, Q&A session at the end of her performance sealed the evening, giving the audience great bang for their buck.