May Issue 2010

By | Technology | Published 9 years ago

Google has bested themselves.

The web search giant has a great creative history of changing their logo (also known as the Google doodle) on homepage to reflect a special day or occasion. In the past they have transformed their logo into amazing doodles commemorating Halloween, Christmas and the Olympic Games, to name just a few. This year they have already produced dozens (many of which are regional) including ones for Father’s Day, the opening of the World Expo in Shanghai and a five-part series for Hans Christian Andersen’s 205th Birthday.

Google has gone to another level with their latest doodle, creating a playable Pac-Man game where the game maze incorporates the Google logo. The Pac-Man doodle-game, created for the 30th anniversary of the classic video game, will eventually start by itself. Of course, traditionalists can click the “Insert Coin” button to the right of the search button.

Navigate with your arrow/directional keys and enjoy all the ambulance-siren-ringing sound effects.

So if you are struggling for something to do without Facebook (in case you are already bored interacting with people face-to-face) here’s a great time-waster and an easy way to continue the special connection with the warm glow of your monitor in these dark days of banning.

Check out some doodles from this year below, or visit Google to see their doodle archives.



A doodle to celebrate Hans Christian Andersen's Birthday.

A doodle to celebrate Hans Christian Andersen’s Birthday.



A Father’s Day doodle.




An April Fool's Day doodle.

An April Fool’s Day doodle.