May issue 2009

By | Society | Published 15 years ago

Lighting does more than just serve to bring you out of the darkness. The way lights are set in any place can change the whole ambience and make you look at it with an entirely different perspective. Dedicating an exhibition to luminaries, Galleria 919 displayed a collection of lamps, shades, and candlestands from April 16-23.

Every item in the exhibition reflected the theme behind the designs. There was grandeur in the striking etchings on glass brackets; the dome-shaped hanging lamps were reminiscent of the splendid havelis which still carry tradition in every brick and stone; and candlestands with crystal bases and dark green glass had majesty in the very combination of the materials and colours used. The idea behind this exhibition was to revive the almost forgotten golden era of this land. This was one inspiring way of cherishing the pre-colonial glory which our ancestors have experienced and which we can still revel in through our rich heritage.

The prices ranged from Rs 14,000 to Rs 25,000, and if that sounds expensive, well, objets d’art do not come cheap.