June Issue 2003

By | Fashion | Life Style | Published 21 years ago

We remember fashion icons best by the jewellery that they wore. Coco Chanel, adorned always in a long string of pearls. Princess Di and her diamond chokers, and Elizabeth Taylor with her legendary rocks. The list is endless. And here in the exotic east, jewels have reigned for centuries — serving as the ultimate gesture of love and a symbol of power. And while the art of jewellery design may very well have reached its pinnacle during the Mughal era, contemporary influences continue to manifest themselves in these most exquisite of all adornments.

Inspired by the beauty of Mughal jewels, Seema Iftikhar’s designs nevertheless display a distinctive innovative style, carefully honed during her many years spent designing furniture. “Furniture and jewellery are inter-related — they are both about designing, which I love,” she says. But whilst the jewellery of the Mughal era epitomised opulence and splendour, Seema’s pieces portray a simple, yet classic look. Striking yet minimalistic, the straight lines and fluid curves of her designs exude a timeless elegance and mystique. She uses precious and semi-precious stones: rock crystal, rose-quartz, topaz and amber — rocks with translucent colours which appear almost fluid to the naked eye. “I love stones,” says the creative designer. “Not for their worth, but for the beauty within them.” Now selling her creations in Paris, Seema Iftikhar is all set to make her mark on the international fashion scene.

To put it it simply, Seema’s jewellery is for today’s woman — a woman with a style of her own.