October Issue 2003

By | Fashion | Life Style | Published 20 years ago

Watching German model Veruschka wearing feathered waistcoats, beads and painting her face with flowers in the ’60s and knowing how to translate that look into today’s sartorial vocabulary is how Sonya Battla describes the inspiration behind her innovative new fall collection. Battla’s quirky design ideas are cut from fluid jersey to create softly form-fitting ensembles.

Fashion aficionados will be clamouring for Battla’s ‘toga-like’ drapes and ultra flattering tunics in psychedelic stripes, not to mention her ankle-length kurtas, reminiscent of the hippie look in Goa. Sonya’s fall collection is a classic update of the flower power of the ’60s. The short shirts have been cut narrow on the shoulder and waist for a sleeker silhouette and a few sultry off-shoulder numbers give a new twist to the swinging sixties’ look. Teamed with straight pants, Battla’s outfits are, as usual, a creative cut above the rest. The colour palette is varied: navy blue and ivory tone down the psychedelic oranges, pinks and greens, with the occasional classic black and white combo thrown in for good measure.

All in all, Sonya’s latest collection will bring a welcome splash of colour and innovation to an otherwise dull designer autumn.