October Issue 2003

By | Fashion | Life Style | Published 20 years ago

Despite the five-decade-long discord between the governments of Pakistan and India, one thing is for sure: both nations share more similarities than differences. We Pakis love anything Indian: Bollywood, Indian actors, their soaps on Star Plus, their dress sense not to mention Mumbai itself. In the same way, India is intrigued by Lahore and Karachi, basant celebrations, Paki singers, PTV plays and, last but not least, our innovative dress sense courtesy some of our top designers. Whenever there is talk of peace, it is cause for celebration and this time round, it’s the gurus of design on both sides of the border who seem to be actively involved in paving the way to cross-border friendship.

It started off with the Pakistani designers’ involvement in the Bridal Asia shows held in Delhi. Then Pakistan reciprocated by inviting three Indian designers and models to fly in for the weeklys Mag’s 25th anniversary celebration: ‘Fashion for Peace.’ It was Bridal Asia with a twist. Then came India’s Bride and Groom Exhibition in Delhi, which had more than 115 exhibitors from different parts of India, Thailand, Vietnam and Pakistan and was attended by over 120,000 visitors. Though Shaiyanne Malik’s clothes went down well, the star attraction of the show were Pakistan’s home-grown stunners, models Iman Ali, Zee Q and Suneeta Marshall.

The show, which was also called Jashn-e-Dosti, was a celebration of friendship between India and Pakistan, and proved to be a roaring success. Our three glamorous peace-makers looked graceful and gorgeous, fit for any Miss World contest. Given the royal treatment by their Indian hosts, Iman, Zee Q and Marshall sealed their success by lighting the friendship diya, not to mention by bestowing the odd kiss here and there!

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