March Issue 2003

By | News & Politics | Published 21 years ago

Newsline is on a serious awards roll. Again. But, despite the fact that it’s become quite a habit, it’s as thrilling as it was the first time. Living up to its reputation of last year… as well as the 13 years before that, we bagged two APNS awards this time round: one for Best Column and one for Best Investigative Report.

The award for the Best Investigative Report went to Samina Ibrahim for her article, “The PIA-Sabre Scam,” (August 2000), the inside story on the PIA/Sabre multi-million dollar deal — a scam that allowed a team of American consultants to virtually take over PIA — and bleed it dry.

The Best Column Category was won by I.A. Rehman for his column inNewsline, “Stand Up and Be Counted” (October 2000). Noteworthy is also the fact that I.A. Rehman made a hat-trick — as this is his third consecutive win in the same category.

And if that wasn’t enough, our assistant editor, Naziha Syed Ali, won another award for her special report, “The People Bomb” (March 2000), an award lauded by a population controlling organisation, which focused on Pakistan’s growing population and how efforts to control it had become almost null and void.

Way to go, Newsline!