December issue 2010

By | Society | Published 13 years ago

The Intellectual Property Organisation (IPO) Pakistan, with the cooperation of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC), announced the establishment of The Collective Organisation for Music Rights in Pakistan (COMP) at the Marriott on November 4 in Karachi.

This organisation is the first of its kind: providing legal cover to owners of original work, stemming piracy and ensuring remuneration for holders of the copyright license. With support from stakeholders, including EMI Pakistan, Fire Records and Association of Music Professionals of Pakistan (AMPP), this legal cover is extended to include related rights of performers, producers and broadcasting organisations. The organisation aims to ensure that the creator of the work allows the use of his work through all mediums. Licenses, terms of use, distribution and collection of royalties all fall under COMP’s scope of responsibilities. The press release stated: “The organisation will be responsible for managing, performing and reproduction rights of the artists and music publishers of Pakistan, so that the foundation for a royalty-based system is laid and copyright protection and fair compensation is ensured for the creators in the field of music.”

More power to COMP!

Maheen Bashir Adamjee is an APNS award-winning journalist. She was an editorial assistant at Newsline from 2010-2011.