January issue 2009

By | People | Profile | Published 15 years ago

Each year, prophecies about the next big thing abound, whether the field discussed is sports or literature. Often they are wrong. Knowing this and disregarding the advice to “never make predictions, especially about the future,” Newsline has profiled five likely success stories of 2009. Some have already debuted and garnered acclaim, while others are slowly building their way to a grand crescendo. The point is that they are fresh faces, bringing something original and pioneering to help stem the stagnation in Pakistan. After 2008, a year in which more political leaders were recycled and creative and unconventional ideas were few and far between, the current crop promises something altogether different in the years to come. From the lawyer-turned-writer/farmer to the female reporter from Pakistan’s most volatile region, they are a diverse group, united only by their drive to make an impact. And so we present five future household names, already on their way up.

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Akbar Shahid Ahmed is a Washington-based reporter for the Huffington Post, writing on U.S. foreign policy. He has contributed to Newsline since 2008.