December issue 2018

By | Newsliners | Published 6 years ago

tour de force in the local makeup industry, Mona Jamal, owner of the famed Mona J Salon, was honoured at a session arranged by the Ladies Club of Air War College, PAF Base Faisal, on November 15. The stylist cum social media influencer gave an informative talk on the importance of appearance and grooming, through her  presentation on the theme of ‘Royal Elegance.’

An interactive question-and-answer session followed, where club members discussed their concerns and addressed queries to Mona, who shared her expertise on skincare, makeup, hair and general ways to foster wellness and healthy habits.  She attributed self-confidence, in large measure, to grooming and taking care of one’s self. “Feeling good” can come from “looking good,” she remarked.

“It is imperative for every woman to invest in herself and keep herself well-groomed,” said Mona. “It pays dividends as the first impression always leaves a lasting great impression.”

The afternoon concluded with a lunch. The guests were subsequently given gifts and flowers as a token of appreciation.