October Issue 2007

By | Published 16 years ago

There can never be too many shoe stores. Even on Zamzama. For shoes are the ultimate female fantasy. The woman’s shoe, unlike its male counterpart, has evolved into an imaginative and sensual essential of every woman’s wardrobe.

Manahil’s, although a tiny store, satisfies the shoe fetishes of Karachi’s well-heeled. Owned by Manahil Haider, the outlet offers sandals and slippers, and other open-toe varieties, in appetising colours, complete with frills, furbelows, straps and glittering gems. There’s something to match every season and almost every occasion, be it black tie, or poolside.

While most other stores will mete out monotonous, variously copied foot fashion, the secluded location of Manahil’s, in one of the smaller streets of the area, keeps the designs from being imitated. Newsline presents some of Manahil’s latest offerings, consisting of the casual, the funky and the sophisticated.

Hani Yousuf started her career at Newsline Magazine in 2006. Since then, she has completed a Master's in Journalism at Columbia University and reported and written for magazines and newspapers in Germany, the US and the South Asian region. She is now a PR consultant, based in Karachi.