March Issue 2008

By | News & Politics | Opinion | Viewpoint | Published 16 years ago

Deepak Perwani, the self-professed madhatter of the fashion industry, known for defying the rules of convention is ready to stun his audiences yet again with his new collection, Dhilosophy. According to the veteran designer, his new collection is fun, frivolous and sexy. “My latest line is for women who are a little daring, have a little attitude and are willing to think out of the box.” His distaste for needless embroidery and embellishments is evident in this collection where the focus is on the simple, yet elegant, lines and cuts of the outfits.

His critics accuse him of not keeping his client in mind when designing. Deepak doesn’t dispute this claim. “I just can’t seem to design normal clothes for women. I prefer to design to satisfy my own ego, and this collection is one of my indulgences.” He uses phrases such as “body-sensual” and “body-conscious” to describe the women who this collection is geared towards. In essence, Deepak’s Dhilosophy is an extension of his own personality: colourful, daring, passionate and fun.