August Issue 2013

By | Newsliners | Published 11 years ago

Halfway through dull, disciplined Ramazan, denizens of Karachi seemed starved for some indulgence. Luckily, the prospect of Eid was an excellent excuse to get out, have some fun and max out some credit cards!

One of the first events was a one-stop shopping bazaar organised at The Dynasty on July 20-21. The bazaar aimed to deliver a convenient shopping experience for Eid and the upcoming wedding season. Forty-two brands displayed clothes, bags, jewellery, handmade paper, bed linen and even embellished abayas for those who like some modesty with their festivities. City FM 89 provided entertainment with music and various contests that took place throughout the day. A small food court was set up behind the shopping area for hungry shoppers.

The event took place in a wedding hall and kept the original setting — a draped cream-coloured shamiana with crystal chandeliers — intact rather than creating a new theme. The onus to decorate the simple stalls was on the exhibitors, but most of them had not done anything visually interesting with their space. Clothing brand SNL made a commendable effort by constructing an eye-catching logo made from faux grass and flowers. Dossani Plus Studio had set up a brightly-lit stage with a sofa. There was a large centerpiece, atop which mannequins posed in Eid finery, but it was obscured from the entrance by the Sab’s Salon stall. The latter had attempted to be original by setting up a blue and white gazebo with umbrellas hanging off it, but the concept didn’t really make sense. Sab’s offered a 15% discount on bookings made that weekend.

While the organisers had made an effort to think of customers’ needs, there was a lot of room for improvement. There were changing rooms, but with cloth curtains rather than doors that could be locked, which made them potentially uncomfortable to use in a public setting. Desks had been set up for charity, but The Citizen’s Foundation was relegated to a corner at the back while the Kidney Centre was a no-show, even though there was a sign put up for their stall. Mismanaged parking arrangements resulted in at least one loud argument erupting outside the venue.

The bazaar, which attracted quite a crowd, was an excellent opportunity for lesser-known designers to display their wares. The lineup included Nimra K, Sumera Baghdadi, Kashkol and Desi Beads. The products weren’t always fashion-forward, but were mostly quite wearable and budget-friendly. Buyers got a chance to interact with many designers who were manning their own stalls, which created a friendly environment.