August Issue 2013

By | Newsliners | Published 11 years ago

At an event held at the classy Olivetto restaurant and café, the team at Kayseria textiles introduced their ready-to-wear Eid collection to a small crowd of fashionistas, beauty bloggers, celebrities and various media groups who could be seen mingling and excitedly capturing photos of the event with their phones.

Some of the celebrities at the event included VJ Mathira, Call band’s Junaid Khan, model Mira Ansari and VJ Ali Safina — undoubtedly there to lend support to his fiancé Hira Tareen, who, along with Rabia Chaudhry, is the current face of the brand.

Prior to the fashion show, guests were served an iftaar meal consisting of a shrimp platter, sandwiches, chicken skewers and an assortment of side dishes which were wiped clean within minutes.

Meera Ansari with Waleed Zaman &Kayseria, one of the premier textile brands in the country, promises the same high quality fabric for their latest collection divided into three categories: Kontemporary, Virsa and Riwayat. As the lights dimmed and music amplified, Tareen and Chaudhry sashayed down the ramp in bright Kontemporary wear, followed by other models. The ensembles and styling — high-collars, Geisha makeup and a flower in the model’s hair — seemed inspired by the Far East. Virsa and Riwayat sought inspiration closer to home.

The former collection was both traditional and understated, making frequent use of anarkali cuts,
whereas the latter was more flamboyant with bright, neon colours and bold, truck-art inspired patterns. Though distinct in colour, style and target audience, all three categories were extremely feminine and wearable. Sabs salon deserves a special mention for their impeccable hair styling and makeup, which complimented the outfits well.

Waleed Zaman, creative director at Kayseria, who was dressed in a tutti-frutti blazer and khaki pants, joined the models on stage to take a bow as the event came to a close and guests departed after an enjoyable evening of feasting and fashion.

The writer is a journalist and former assistant editor at Newsline.