August Issue 2013

By | Open Line | Published 11 years ago

This with reference to Shanaz Ramzi’s article, ‘For the Love of Cinema,’ published in Newsline’s July issue.

I found it completely enthralling. Guddu’s odyssey for the collection of such wonderful Lollywood memorabilia from childhood to date, clearly reflects his true love for cinema. Guddu’s archive and his interviews with old forgotten actors give us a good opportunity to take a peek into those golden days of our very own Lollywod and acknowledge the contribution of great artists of that era for the promotion of art and culture via Pakistani cinema. Guddu’s work also sends a clear message to people of the Pakistani film industry that such assets must be preserved or else we will have nothing of our cinema’s glorious past to show to our next generation.

Hats off to Guddu for doing such a commendable job and to Ms Ramzi for introducing an anonymous cinema buff and his work to the public.