February 12, 2011

Look for this cover at newsstands across Pakistan and pick up your copy today.

The February 2011 issue of Newsline is out on newsstands across Pakistan now.

Want to know what’s inside?

Well, it’s packed full of fascinating features on politicsand religion, the media, the energy crisis, society, the ICC World Cup, drug addiction and more.

The cover story deals with Pakistan’s growing ideological divide and asks if Jinnah’s inclusive and democratic vision of Pakistan can prevail over Zia’s theocratic vision. This comprehensive 16-page report features articles by Zahid Hussain, Khaled Ahmed,Dr Khalid Zaheer, Zohra Yusuf and Fousia Saeed, while Rahimullah Yusufzai looks at the case of a maulana in Peshawar who has gotten away with inciting violence and murder against ‘blasphemers.’

In an exclusive exposé, renowned author Ayesha Siddiqa asks, “Who is depriving the people of Cholistan of their land and water?”

Also inside, you’ll find a Special Report by Farieha Aziz. In it she explores case studies on the misused blasphemy law, plus the origin and history of Sections 295-B and 295-C of the controversial law.

Amir Zia analyse’s how Pakistan’s rulers refuse to listen to advice from its own financial experts to enact tough economic reform.

Zara Farooqui looks at the mushrooming production of high-end and stylish events in Pakistan, while Maheen Bashir Adamjee takes a peak at fashion designer Sonya Battla’s autumn/winter collection.

There is also a review of Maha Khan Phillips’ book, Beautiful From This Angle, and an interview with the author. Does this book succeed as a satire? Get your copy to find out.

And from India, Sujoy Dhar looks at graft in Asia’s third largest economy. With viral corruption and a constant stream of billion-dollar scams being regularly exposed, will India’s arrival as a truly great nation in the eyes of the world have to wait?

And in sports, there is the must-read team-by-team analysis of the 2011 ICC World Cup by Khalid Hussain. You’ll need his insight now if you want to impress your friends and sound authoritative at the next party. He even picks the nine players that could lead their respective countries to victory.

It’s a bumper issue.

Get your copy today at newsstands and from booksellers across Pakistan.