February 11, 2011

Twitter was lively before and after President Hosni Mubarak gave his ‘historic’ speech to the Egyptian people. Before the speech, twitterers were speculating about the delay of the dictator’s announced address using the hashtag #reasonsmubarakislate. Afterwards, jokes, laments and expressions of shock were sent out with numerous tags: #Egypt, #Mubarak, #Tahrir and #Jan25.

The predicted resignation speech turned out to be a jumbled mess of contradictions, ambiguities and contempt. How did everyone, including the media and the top US intelligence agency, get it all so wrong? Or should we be surprised at all?

As the crowd in Cairo’s Tahrir Square became louder and louder after Mubarak made it clear he was not ready to leave, as the chants of “Go, go, go!” gained strength and as people waved their shoes in the air at their deaf leader, people around the world showed their solidarity with frustrated Egyptians by yelling out on twitter. Here are just 10 of the scores of witty and thoughtful tweets that lit up my screen as the world sat disappointed (understatement) and the CIA sent someone his pink slip (hopefully).

Somebody needs to send Hosni a box of mangoes, that’s how we got rid of our least favorite dictator. #Zia #Egypt

This speech will go down in history as the dumbest speech ever delivered by a dictator.

Mubarak: “I have lived for this nation….I will not leave it until I am buried in the ground.”//That kinda sounds like an invitation #Egypt

#Mubarak done with his speech, says “peace be with you”. Will there be peace tomorrow in #Egypt? In Tahrir Square?

Mubarak says he’s staying to help Egypt through “the current crisis.” dude, you ARE the current crisis.

To his Palace! All Egyptians should march to all of his palaces. In Cairo, Alex, Sharm…etc Tomorrow! #Egypt #Jan25 #Tahrir #Mubarak

Wait, did Mubarak just SHIT on Obama’s ‘a historical moment in Egypt’?

Web feed froze. Did I miss the part where Mubarak resigns?

So is it right that he has indeed become President Emeritus of Egypt? #jan25

Never let it be said that Hosni Mubarak couldn’t find a way to unite the Egyptian people. #jan25