September 29, 2009

We are all, at least slightly, consumed by wanderlust.

The urge to travel, explore and escape exists in all of us to some degree. And living in Pakistan, that urge is often developed and sharpened to an extent that would dwarf and slice in two (or three) those of nationals from far greener (and often saner) pastures. As such, regularly escaping the chaos and corruption of life here has become a necessity for many.

If you find yourself in that group, or are the type that just loves to read about adventures in far away places even though you know you will never go there, then this travel blog’s for you. So come along with us as we dart around the world like quintessential jet-setters, bringing you details of adventures firsthand: hiking in the southern hemisphere, visiting artists’ market in southern California and eating chocolatey Sachertorte in Vienna.

You don’t even need to pack. Better yet, no visa applications.

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