August 12, 2011


Here’s a list of what were the most-read articles and blog posts on in July 2011. See what everyone else was reading and catch up on what you missed.

1.Hina Rabbani Khar Helps Reveal Media’s Discriminatory Ways
Our new female foreign minister is another victim of subtle gender discrimination, being judged not for her way with words but for her Birkin and pearls.
By Akbar S. Ahmed

2.Interview: Shehrbano Taseer
“It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better, but I have immense hope for Pakistan,” says Shehrbano Taseer.
By Schayan Riaz

3.Struggling to Understand the CIA-ISI Relationship
When it comes to assessing CIA-ISI ties, there are no safe assumptions.
By Michael Kugelman

4.The PCB vs Afridi: A Poorly Played Cricket Drama
The PCB’s bumbling antics have led to the loss of one of Pakistan’s most accomplished cricketers.
By Khalid Hussain

5.Pakistan’s Defence Budget: Cloaked in Secrecy
Will a breakdown of the 2011-12 defence budget set a precedent for a more transparent debate on army expenditure in parliament in the years to come?
By Babar Ayaz

6.Music Review: Coke Studio, Season 4, Episode 4
In its fourth episode, Coke Studio performed its usual balancing act of simple pleasures and ambitious experiments — and did a fine job.
By Danish Hyder

7.Interview: General Hamid Gul, Former DG ISI
“The Pakistan military and its agencies are in a state where they cannot recognise their real enemy,” says General Hamid Gul, former DG ISI.
By Arif Rana

8.Pervez Musharraf Chimes in on Rick Perry and 2012 US Elections
And it shows Musharraf loves to talk just as much as ever before – he’s just a bit rusty at it.
By Talib Qizilbash

9.Dangerous Liaisons
Has the nexus between jihadists and rogue elements in the armed forces reached a critical mass?
By Sairah Irshad Khan

10. Indo-Pak Relations: IEDs, Stones and Dialogue
As India and Pakistan’s foreign ministers meet, it is a good time to explore exactly how healthy bilateral relations and the cross-border fight against terrorism are in the wake of the July 13 Mumbai blasts.
By Uddipan Mukherjee