October 27, 2018


A photography exhibition titled¬†¬†Boundaries…Boundless is on display at the Koel Gallery. Curated by journalist and film maker Tehmina Ahmed, the show brings together six acclaimed photographers to explore the possibilities of examining and pushing boundaries that define our lives.

Amean J presents a series of beach photos, drawn by the seamless blending of sea into sky.


Irfan Naqi, known for his architectural photography, presents a series of fragmented, almost pixillated portraits that aim to explore the relationship between illusion and reality.


Film maker and photographer Madiha Aijaz brings a distinctive voice to the show, her images probing the boundaries of being female, of privacy and space .

Mehreen Khalid strikes an introspective note with her work which seems to depict her quest to finding a deeper understanding of  herself.


Momin Zafar explores visual and tactile boundaries.

Umar Riaz has photographed the inimitable Naheed Siddiqui, seeking how the strictures of her art form release the boundlessness of expression.

The show will run till November 1st.