February issue 2009

By | Society | Published 15 years ago

The Second Floor held a poster exhibition, ‘Stop the Bloodshed,’ on January 21 to protest the Israeli military action in Gaza. The opening was planned to coincide with the end of the Bush era.

Some rather charged up students from the Indus Valley School of Arts and Architecture showcased posters expressing their outrage over the war in Gaza.

Some of the boldest posters included one showing the swastika transforming into the Star of David — let’s not even try to imagine the reaction a Jew would have upon viewing it. Next, a poster on mass consumerism highlighted the Jewish monopoly over the global corporate culture, with the names of the corporations creating the lines of the Star of David.

Another poster simply showed the face of a Palestinian man with names of corporations like Pepsi, Coca Cola and McDonalds who are also sponsors for the movie Gaza — the Massacre.

Viewing these posters, a visitor, Naveen Minai remarked: “Distinction is vital and polarisation is dangerous. The complication of humanity often lies in conflicts.”

The poster exhibition aimed at shocking the viewers into realisation of a current global situation was well received and made quite an impression on the crowd.
— Ali Burhani