July Issue 2013

By | Design | Published 11 years ago

Rustic furniture boasting wood stain finishing and clean lines can offer an effortlessly chic touch to interiors. And if this furniture is made entirely using reclaimed wood it contributes to an eco-friendly lifestyle as well. Prefigure, which comes under the umbrella of The Elephant Warehouse, is an innovative design studio which specialises in just that: simple, modern furniture with an emphasis on sustainable design.

With architects and designers Eibne Sajjad, Jamil Afridi and Amina Pasha at the helm, the Prefigure team recently exhibited their first line of furniture at the Koel Gallery. Making use of everyday wood pallets — planks of sturdy wood normally used as a base for storage or transportation — the team has fashioned sleek dining chairs, low lying storage units and minimalistic desks. Rather than masking natural features such as knots or uneven edges, the designers have embraced these imperfections and as a result the pieces look rustic yet modern.

All furniture is available in multiple wood finishings with darker tones such as ‘ebony’ and ‘marlboro’ offering an elegant, almost antique, look while lighter finishes such as the ‘opal’ stain would give interiors a more airy, relaxed vibe. The wood used is from regulated pine forests in America and Europe and therefore the pallets meet international standards. To further ensure the furniture is eco-friendly and sustainable, Prefigure makes use of non-toxic stains and formaldehyde-free glues.

Zehra Nabi is a graduate student in The Writing Seminars at the Johns Hopkins University. She previously worked at Newsline and The Express Tribune.