March 11, 2016

‘Arq,’ a two-day art exhibition, showcasing work of female artists celebrating the essence of experiences related with their existence was held at the Alliance Francaise on International Women’s Day.

The Culture and Tourism Department of Sindh hosted the show with a collection of work that included video installations, paintings and performances.

“When artists express, it’s either a story, a tale of an incident or sharing immense experiences,” said Mehreen Hashmi, the curator for the show describing ‘Arq’ as an ode to the existence of women hood.

“Baakh Pirzada’s work is a visual of tolerating the most fatal pain yet adoring the beauty of being a mother,” said Hashmi describing the work of one of the artists.

“Sana Nezam, a painter, has communicated about a desire of being able to set free. She has depicted femininity through birds in her imagery,” she added. “Noori Berdi, a conventional artist shows different moods of a girl and a woman. She justifies the visual expressions of female figures in vibrant hues of colours.

Hosted by Sindh Minister for Tourism and Culture Sharmila Farooqi, participating artists included Joshinder Chaggar, Sara Pagganwala, Shahana Afaq, Fatema Beeka, Amna Gull, Nausheen Ishtiaq, Raheela Abro, Anam Rani, Laiba Baig and Noreen Ali.