December 4, 2015

In collaboration with the Turkish government, Hum Films announced its next project, Zeher-e-Ishq, at a press conference on December 2. The panel was headed by Khalid Khan, the director of the film; Sultana Siddiqui; the Consul General of Turkey, Murat Mustafa Onart as well as veteran actor Shakeel. The head of the film department at Hum, Badar Ikram was also in attendance.

Khalid Khan explained that the film was based on the Masnavih by Rumi and the subject matter of the film dealt with themes of divine love, Sufism and tasawuf. He was hopeful that this collaboration between Turkey and Pakistan will bring back the golden era of movies in Pakistan.

Sultana Siddiqui added that Hum Films was committed to supporting new ideas and young talent and was therefore keeping an open-door policy for anyone who might want to venture into the field. Sixty five projects are currently in the pipeline for the network. Badar Iqram further added that Hum Films was very proud of its pilot project, Namaloom Afraad and Bin Roye, the latter of which opened in 22  countries. He said Bollywood films open in 70 countries and if Pakistani films can open in one-third that amount, then they have almost made it and there is always room for aiming higher.

The Consul General of Turkey, Murat Mustafa Onart said that in the four years he has been in Karachi, he has seen a positive change in the city and is hopeful to see the start of many more projects like these. Details about the movie’s budget and date of release were, however, not yet given out.