March 16, 2012

A Chocolate Festival on February 11 by Weldon Moms, a support groups for mothers and mothers-to-be, gave registered members and their children an opportunity to meet and get to know each other. Located in the food court at Dolmen Mall on Karachi’s Tariq Road, the event also generated an atmosphere of healthy — or not-so-healthy given the aim — competition as this year’s festival included a “chocolate competition” for the competitors to put forth their best chocolate creations.  The contestants presented handmade chocolate creations so rich that one was bound to put calories merely looking at them. The selection included cakes, deserts, brownies, cupcakes with creative frosting and cookies. The occasion also included the guaranteed crowd-pleaser: A chocolate fondue.

Pregnant mothers “with a bump,” got a free entry, causing pregnant mothers without an obvious bump wishing for once that their bump had been visible sooner.