January 20, 2011

“Citizens for Democracy (CFD), a nation-wide umbrella group of political parties, trade unions, professional organisations, NGOs and individuals, strongly condemns the cold-blooded and cowardly murder of Salmaan Taseer.”

This is the first paragraph of a press statement released by the CFD on January 7 regarding the murder of Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer. The strongly worded statement goes on to ask questions everyone is asking:

  • “How did the murderer, Malik Mumtaz Qadri, who was already perceived as a security threat, end up on the security detail of a Governor who was already receiving death threats?”
  • “Why did the other guards not open fire, as per standard operating procedures in VIP guard duty? (In Qadri’s confession after his arrest, he said that he had told his colleagues what he was going to do and asked them not to open fire, as he would surrender.)”

The CFD also makes a series of demands, including “legal action against those who continue to indulge in hate speech and threaten those who support amendment of the ‘Blasphemy Law’.”

Recently, the CFD updated the resolution and three clauses were added. The Urdu text of the resolution is below.