June 4, 2017

On 29th May 2017, world’s leading Islamic scholar, the ​Assistant Commissioner Kharan​, ​issued an order banning barbers from trimming the beards of their clients in a manner that may suggest any creativity, design or style. He also categorically declared that this practice was un-Islamic as all the national and international scholars were against styling of beards.  It was gracious of the Assistant Commissioner to save much of the Islamic world by later clarifying that the ban on styling of beards was limited to the city areas only.

As we advance in our Islamic accomplishments,  we realize that not just dictators, but democratic leaders, members of senate and the assemblies and even Assistant Commissioners can introduce new injunctions within Islam.  The recent  harsher version of the Ramzan Bill passed by the senate that awards offenders a fine of Rs.500 and a prison term of three months is a case in point.

The people of Pakistan need to ​ponder, if they must for all times, accept new and often incorrect religious injunctions imposed by corrupt bureaucrats and gangster parliamentarians. One such bureaucrat was recently found to have plundered Rs.730 million of the tax payers’ money while another parliamentarian was recently hauled up for death threats  to the jud​iciary.   Pakistan’s parliament is â€‹itself ​the world’s most militant parliament for having acquired 69473 prohibited bore weapon licenses for its members.

It may therefore be best to allow people to seek peace, tolerance and compassion in their faith and not allow them to be be dictated to by those whose own character and wisdom may be highly questionable.