Moeen Faruqi at Canvas

March 18, 2016

Moeen Faruqi’s isolated figures, often grouped together but each locked in his or her own sense of alienation, return to the Canvas gallery in his recent exhibition. Always on the outside, looking in, the figures are sometimes joined by animals which, the artist says, are not used as symbols but rather are simply characters in the narrative. “But the viewer can interpret it as they want,” says Moeen. “I want them to engage with the painting and make up their own stories or interpretation.”

For an artist who is known for his  use of colour and whose canvases are often filled with people and objects, this time round Moeen’s surfaces are more monochrome, flat, with little attempt to introduce light and shade. Much of his work is visually more stark, although his signature style is also on display. “It puts more focus on one’s drawing skills,” feels the artist. ” I can’t hide behind the paint. In fact, there is more emphasis on the images in this work rather than any narrative.” In keeping with this focus, Moeen has also included some  sketches in this show which add a pleasing minimalist element.

The exhibition will run till 24th March.